Digital release, 2017

1. Bleeding Through The Lid Again

2. Haystack

3. Another Dotted Line

4. Dress Shirt

5. I Wanted To Be The Twin

6. In A Dream

7. Wasted All My Time

8. Scattered Ashes

9. Fully Enshrined

Split With Big Nice

Digital release + cassette, 2017

Side A by Big Nice, Boston, MA; cover painting by Clark Filio

Edition of 50 chrome tape cassettes with 4-panel J-cards.

1. Dying Brother

2. Won't

Caught Underneath It

Digital release + compact disc, 2016

Track four featuring Greyory Blake.

CD release features handmade inserts, lyric sheets, and numbered prints in a slim DVD-style case. Edition of 25.

1. This Is What That Feels Like

2. It Was Only A Murmur

3. I Wonder?

4. Seems (feat. Gregory Blake)

5. Get On The Floor

6. Caught Underneath It

7. I Always Wanted To Tell You

8. In Two

9. F T B


Digital release + cassette, 2013

Cassette release features handmade sleeves, J-cards, inserts, labels, and home-dubbed chrome tapes. Edition of 50.

1. Sleeping Alone

2. Missed It

3. Understanding

4. Yourself Even More

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